Panaad sa Negros is a “Mother of All Festivals” In the “Sugar capital of the Philippines” in Negros Occidental. This festival started in 1993 as a thanksgiving celebration for the good life in Negros. It features 32 festivals from every 13 cities and 19 towns in the province. The festival showcases Negros cities and its towns’ history, culture, trade, agriculture, tourism and other industries. Venue has always been at Barangay Mansilingan in the “City of Smile,” also known as Bacolod City. More story…. Here

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Our Batchmate Gissele sent me a message from my Friendster account That the Colegio de San Agustin Bacolod – College of Nursing Alumni will be having our Grand Reunion this coming July 12, 2008 (Saturday) were dinner and dance at 6:00 in Holiday Inn Hotel 7000 beach Blvd. Buena Park, California 90620 with the telephone No. (714) 522-7000 and on July 13, 2008(Sunday). We will be having our family picnic starting at 10am. For those who are interested,  please contact the following persons: Sean Camiring – Cell# (847)409-7437 Richard Guitche – Cell# (562)882-5758 and Rowena Olea Leago – Cell# (630)890-1653.

 Remembering our past makes us stronger because it made us what we are today

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It’s really nice to hear some good news from your batchmates around the world although we can’t avoid sometimes that bad news can come along likewise. Recently, I have just reunited with my friend Arvin who’s currently on his flight back to Sacramento, California and with his news from a meeting also with our friends from Sultan’s in Negros Matt, Tata, Joemarie and Francis who currently had an emergency vacation from United Kingdom due to the unexpected loss of his father. They formulate plan and date when to have our reunion if not possibly done with the batch but with Sultans in 2010.


We in the Sultan’s are almost like brothers so we share emotions be it bad or good to our fellow Sultan’s. To our friend Francis, our deepest sympathy

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It’s really nice meeting your friend for so many years especially if it’s also been a long time since you last saw each other. This is exactly how I pictured meeting Christina-Dojoles-Omolon. She is my classmate at the Colegio de San Agustin in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental. Our batchmates would commonly call her “Amo” (monkey) despite her beautiful face because she’s very kalog. We last met in 2005 right after our graduation. Amo has then been working in Texas. Amo also happened to be my wife’s third cousin, too.


We set a meeting with my sister-in-law Mimay (who also happened to be her classmate in high school — talk about small world) with her husband in Cravings at the Shangri-la Plaza Mall in Mandaluyong City. Amo brought along her daughter Tricia. That kept my son Kyle busy as he and Tricia played while Amo and her husband, Mimay and I caught up with what’s happening with our lives. The meeting was capped by coffee at Starbuck.


Hope to have many more reunions to attend to.

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Colleges Of Nursing

Courses Offered

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S.N.)

Associate in Health Science Education (A..H.S.E.)
     (Ladderized program of B.S.N.)

Goals and Objective

    Specifically, the College of Nursing aims to:

  1. form nurses imbued with scientific and Christian Augustinian principles dedicated to the service of man;

  2. provide and integral knowledge of humanities, natural, social and behavioral sciences, and nursing principles and practices which will equip the students in understanding persons, assessing factors in nursing situation and initiating change of optimum wellness;

  3. prepare students who can work interdependently with other members of the health team in the delivery of health services, and assure leadership to non-professional nursing personnel;

  4. train students to observe, initiate, do research and participate in studies pertaining to various forces affecting community health and interpret and utilize results for the improvement of health; and

  5. develop a graduate who is responsible to national health care needs and global concerns.

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The Eraserheads, Eraserheads, or E-Heads was one of the successful Pinoy rock bands of the 90’s. Dubbed as the “Beatles of the Philippines,” its original members were Ely Buendia, Raimund Marasigan, Buddy Zabala and Marcus Adoro. The band is one of the most successful, critically-acclaimed, and significant bands in the history of Original Pinoy Music.


The band released several different singles, albums, and EPs that reached with ther debut album UltraElectoroMagneticPop who gathered multi-platinum awards with their unforgetable hits songs like “Ligaya”, “Tindahan Ni Aling Nena”, and “Pare Ko” which became Sultans’ favorite band and songs around that time. It was followed by 10 times platinum album if I remember right “Circus” with their songs like bato, sembreak, alapaap, hey jay, insomya, minsan, with a smile, alkohol, wishing wells, kailan, magasin, sa wakas. me paningit pang punk zappa monologue.


The Eraserheads‘ tapes we had before certified hits are most often played in our cassette players in our boarding house. Sadly the Eraserheads disbanded when Ely Buendia left the band in mid-March 2002. He continuies his career with and the band also continues with different members.

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 The year 1990’s were the era of alternative bands in the Philippines. They were the one who captured the top hits during this time, from FM to Music Records together with rock music of foreign group and artist. I remember this was around the time every afternoon after our class that we were preparing our food for dinner together with  Arvin, Arnel, Misael and me and later with Joseph too. Members of Sultans are living in one boarding house. While waiting for our rice to cook, we were sitting waiting in a long wooden chair listening to one FM station playing from slow rock to heavy metal music while we were banging our heads together.

It’s our routine every afternoon after class. Sometime it is our music while others were playing chess game with Arnel and sometimes while playing pusoy or poker game.

On my next post I will write about those Filipino bands who were popular during the 90s and their music that still captures our heart.


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Did you know that before the sex scandals in cellphones, video, VCD and DVDs involving celebrities, politicians, students among many others, a favorite topic and frequently visited internet site in our Batch in College of Nursing has already made the scandal which could have resulted in the expulsion of almost half of batch 95 nursing graduating students?.

 It happened almost a month before graduation. Since our batch was compose of six sections, we were cut in two sections. The sections A,B and C held class classes alternately for the week while the half sections D, E and F were doing their hospital duty. This was to accommodate the bulk of students who would have hospital exposures and classes.

 So with this set up, there were tendencies of three sections taking the exam first and then the next three sections would do so in the next week. Even though the teachers and instructors were changing the set of questions, students who would take exam after the first batch already knew what were the types and set of questions to be asked. So the student who took the exam first would likely inform those who were still about to take it.

 Until the system was spotted when there was leakage floating around the classroom, not only by a minor teacher but the terror school guidance councilor as well. We were asked one by one because it was handed by one person to another. And with all those interrogations and investigations done to be able to identify where it was originated, the president of the class and the batch number one a magna cumlaude student took the responsibility of it. So what could the school could do.

 Wise move, I thought. It ended the issue and they still graduated with flying colors.

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Most of us in Sultans used to be living outside Bacolod City. Our school Colegio de San Agustin just happened to be located in Bacolod City. This is the  reason why we were close because most of us are living in one boarding house. It usually became our “tambayan” or hide out. When there’s free time, we’d be playing cards — “tong its” or “pusoy dos”. Sometime we’d also be playing chess. During our breaks in school and after school, our boarding house also was our meeting place when we are having night outs or parties.

 In times like the lenten season, we’d usually go home to our respective town or city of origin were we are commemorating the season with our respective family since most of us are Catholic at that time. During that time, the use of SMS through cell phones are not yet a trend. Before the closing of the school we already have had set the time when we’d be going to meet again for our enrollment for the next opening of the class.

We had lots of unforgettable stories in the boarding house. I will post some of it hopefully in my next post

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This is a circle of friends. It consists of twelve gentlemen who have meet in different situations and different time, place and moments. They were joined together as one bond. In many trials we always lend a helping hand. When someone would fall down, every one of us can change the frown into fun. We always share our dreams because everyone of us care for each other. Our friendship is gold and we give all the love that our hearts can hold.


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